Backpack Blowing

It is necessary to blow out debris to where a sweeper can pick it up. Backpack Blowers are the most efficient way to get the sidewalks, corners,  dumpster areas and behind parking blocks clean. This is the only sweeping equipment that does not have a dust control system.

Sweeping & Equipment

We currently use the Nite-Hawk regenerative air sweeper that can hold up to four yards of debris and is equipped with an internal water system that helps to keep the dust down. These trucks are great for general sweeping on lots that are mid to large size. Since this is a single engine sweeper it is the quietest sweeper on the market while also cutting exhausts emissions to half of what the standard sweeper emits.  When all of the adjustments are correct, there is not much these machines cannot pickup!



Parking Lot Sweeping service    

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